Grease Oils

LUBRIMAX LITHIUM COMPLEX GREASE, high-quality lithium complex soap grease reinforced with EP additives has a very high mechanical stability and is used at a wide range of temperatures, and particularly in applications that require high temperatures. It protects the system against wear, oxidation, and corrosion through its improved oxidation inhibitors, corrosion and rust inhibitors as well as extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear (AW) additives. Its high mechanical stability enhances the performance of vibrating bearings and extends the lubrication period.

It can be used safely at all times in applications operating under heavy loads where unmatched performance and a longer lubrication period are desired. It can be used safely, at all times, in rolling mills, for rolling bearings and plain bearings operating under vibrating impact loads at high-speed and high-temperatures, moving conveyor belts operating under harsh conditions, automotive sector, paper and mining industries, cement factories, farm machines, construction machines and marine vehicles.

NLGI No - 1 2 1 2
Soap Type STANDART Lithium Complex Lithium Complex Lithium Complex Lithium Complex
Color - Blue Blue Blue Blue
Penetration Worked 60 Strokes, 25°C, 0,1 mm ASTM D217 310-340 265-295 310-340 265-295
Base Oil Viscosity (40 ° C) [mm2 / s = cst] ASTM D217 220 220 460 460
Dropping Point °C ASTM D566 Min. 260 Min. 260 Min. 300 Min. 300
Working Temperature °C - -20 / +200 -20 / +200 -20 / +200 -20 / +200
4-Ball Boiling Load, N ASTM D2596 Min. 2800 Min. 2800 Min. 2800 Min. 2800

*Values may differ in production.