Grease Oils

LUBRIMAX RUBBER GREASE, water-resistant and multi-purpose calcium soap rubber grease is used for the lubrication of medium- to high-speed plain and ball bearings operating under normal load and heat. Recommended for automotive grease applications up to 70°C operating temperature. It provides effective lubrication on metal surfaces with its fibrous structure and prevents corrosion as it prevents contact with air. It is a multi-purpose grease used in wet working conditions, as well as in industrial applications in dusty and dry environments.

Used in grease lubrication of plain and roller bearings, hydraulic turbines, chassis lubrication and automotive grease applications at temperatures not exceeding 70°C. It is suitable for multi-purpose use and can be used safely in all seasons.

NLGI No - 1 2 3
Soap Type STANDART Ca Ca Ca
Color - Green Green Green
Penetration Worked 60 Strokes, 25°C, 0,1 mm ASTM D217 310-340 265-295 220-250
Dropping Point °C ASTM D566 100 100 100
Working Temperature °C - -12 / +70 -12 / +70 -12 / +70

*Values may differ in production.