Motor Oils For Passenger And Light Commercial Vehicles
Lubrimax - 10W60 SL/CF

LUBRIMAX 10W60, is a high viscosity synthetic engine oil that displays extra superior performance in the most difficult road and driving conditions thanks to advanced technology additives it contains. It has innovative engine oil technology and is designed to protect engines exposed to high temperature and pressure against wear and to prevent power loss. Thanks to its unique formulation, it provides easy cold start, high oil film strength, and low oil consumption. It demonstrates superior performance even in racing conditions where high level engine performance is expected.

It can be used safely in all seasons in high performance or modified vehicles, vehicles that run constantly under heavy load and high temperatures such as race cars used for sports purposes, and passenger and light commercial vehicles with new generation gasoline or diesel engines.

Kinematic Viscosity (100 °C)[mm2/s=cst] ASTM D445 21,9 - 26,1
Kinematic Viscosity (40 °C)[mm2/s=cst] ASTM D445 172
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 Min.160
Density (15°C)[kg/m3] ASTM D4052 0,85
T.B.N. mgKOH/gr ASTM D2896 Min.8,5
Flash Point °C ASTM D92 Min.220
Pour Point °C ASTM D97 Max.-33

*Values may differ in production.