Motor Oils For The Engines Of Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Endoil - 10W30 CI-4/SL
MSDS Document

ENDOIL 10W30, is a fully synthetic engine oil prepared with synthetic base oils and advanced technology performance additive packages. It is recommended for use in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and European and American made, low emission, turbo charged engines. It is also recommended for vehicles working at high speed or under load, as well as for light and heavy truck transportation, for vehicles used for short-distance loading/unloading, or working under heavy load in off-road conditions such as construction and agriculture.

It can be used safely in all seasons in all light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, long-vehicles, construction equipments and generator applications. It is designed for use in Ford Transit, Ford Connect, and small commercial vehicles.

Kinematic Viscosity (100 °C)[mm2/s=cst] ASTM D445 9,3 – 12,5
Kinematic Viscosity (40 °C)[mm2/s=cst] ASTM D445 80
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 Min.130
Density (15°C)[kg/m3] ASTM D4052 0,87
T.B.N. mgKOH/gr ASTM D2896 Min.10
Flash Point °C ASTM D92 Min.220
Pour Point °C ASTM D97 Max.-30

*Values may differ in production.